If you’re currently in a day job that you hate and you’re earning good to great income but you have a burning desire to work for yourself and be free then read on...

...In this short post I’m going to reveal my story of how I escaped the day job I hated in EE selling mobile phones to now generating a handsome monthly income...

Coming from a hard up background, failing at school and dropping out of University I was motivated, dedicated And 100% committed to build my own internet business...

You too need to approach building your online business with that same level of commitment otherwise you’ll fail.

Now it’s not been an easy ride after being online for around 6 years and spending more than a small down payment on a house on my internet education i finally made it...

Luckily you for you can simply read this post, implement It and avoid costly mistake that I made...

So with all that being said let’s get right into it:
By now you’ve probably heard of this term before but it’s not about just building any old list. It’s more about building a list of buyers who will purchase from you over And over again.

Your list will give you the peace of mind you’re looking for so when you leave your day job the money still comes in month-in month-out from your list.

If there’s one thing that you’re going to take away From this post and implement then this is it! Build a list!
This is by far the easiest method of making an additional Income every month and once you own a list it’s just a matter of sending out a couple of emails.

The process I like to use is to presell to my list letting them know “what’s in it for them” if they purchase and also give them additional bonuses to sweeten the deal.
A product launch ties in perfectly with the first 2 steps as it will bring in a tons of buyer subscribers which will then enable you to make more Affiliate money from that list.

One of the limiting beliefs of alot of people is that they can’t create their own products, as long as you’re willing to learn & implement there’s nothing holding you back apart from yourself.

Product launches also bring in a huge spike of profits and are super easy put together let me know if you have any questions regarding them. 
You want consistency in your online business which Means steps 1.2.3 will need to be repeated.

There’s only so much money you can make by selling low ticket items so you need to couple that with selling mid ticket items ranging from $97 to $997.

These mid ticket items can be 1-1 coaching, group coaching Done for you solutions or in-depth courses.
Thanks For Reading...
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